Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Most Powerful Prayer In The Universe Is Also The Simplest

The Most Powerful Prayer In The Universe Is Also the Simplest

Don Jyovi Saraswati Di Morgese
Copyright 2006
Say "God, Please make me happy." as you visualize your hand reaching up to God...
"Truly, God, You know better than I, what makes me happy. Me, I go on wild goose chases, thinking that if I do this or that, or if I get this or that, I will be happy. Oh! how many times did I come to the end of the road unsatisfied...but You, all You have to do is re-arrange my thoughts, hi-light the important things that make me happy, diminish silly concerns and I can find myself happy. It's so simple and all I have to do is ask You to make me happy...It works every time! Sometimes, the thing that's bugging me is the work that I have ahead of me, but You are able to bring it all into proper perspective for me and all I have to do is ask You to make me happy."

Thank You, God!
now here's the thing...oh kindest people...God is so powerful that He/She is able to make you happy no matter what...God will tweak your value system, re-arrange your sense of timing, help you forget, remind you, shade in a new perspective...
God will make you happy...all you gotta do is ask...for God is happiness, love and kindness...God is in you...but you have to ask...visualize your hand reaching up for God and ask...
and through the law of can ask God for the right thoughts that you need to maintain to attract to you ...more happiness!
this law of attraction...that states that what you think about will materialize...God can help you think the right thoughts...
all a simple small prayer...God, Please make me happy!

moon over my Himmy...Himalayan that is
16 Mountain and Full Moon.jpg - Full moon rising over the Himalayan mountain peaks, glowing in the twilight.